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Size – Height – 7cm, Width – 5cm

Shape – Round

Function – Lucky, Entertainment

Application – Car/Workplace Dashboard, Collection, Display, Gift


😍The emoji doll will shake their heads as a result of the spring while you drive your car or hit it at the head, without battery required.It looks as if he’s nodding or shaking his head, so funny for us!

😜Whether its youngsters, adults or seniors, everybody likes them.

😘Made from Eco-Friendly Plastic, is probably not deformed and fade, long service life.

😄Follow your mood, let these lovely spring toys accompany you

RELEASE YOUR PRESSURES: — It’s about jokes, playfulness, of emphasising praise or cushioning the have an effect on of criticism, of provoking thought and exercising the imagination. Decorated with a selection of essentially the most beloved and popular emoji/Smiley spring doll icons, these funky guys twist and contort for hours of stress relief and a laugh
ALL SMILEYS – 😜 😘 😄 😍This smiley spring Doll Toy is designed with a wide variety of expressions and shake heads serve as, is an ideal addition on your car, home or Workplace decoration
NO POWER REQUIRED – No Battery/Solar Required!When driving at the way, the smiley spring doll’s head can be shake , it appear to be he’s nodding or shaking his head, so funny. Not feel lonely and bored
BEST GIFT – Easiest gift on your famliy and friends.Hand-made artwork with delicated craftsmanship, vivid appearance, big wonder for a brand new driving force or new car
COME WITH ADHESIVE STICKERS: Great for car dashboard ornaments. Include adhesive stickers, making the emoji dolls stand in your car/table tightly. Liberate your fatigue while you have a look at these smiley spring doll faces. This sort of great driving companion


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