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  • Voilito Bring to you Stylish Car Body Cover and Offer protection to your Vehicle from Bird Poop/Sun Rays/Dust & Dirt. -Firm Elastic Ending at the front and Back of the car -Implausible Prices for Body Covers -Experience you’ll be able to consider -Our customers love that our car covers are durable and long lasting.
  • All the fabrics used for our car covers is completely secure that allows your paint to continue to shine for years yet to come.Car body cover made by blue and red taffeta fabric, strong, effective and all weather car covers for your vehicle, very light weighted, custom-fit car cover, very tough and long lasting.
  • Designed To give protection to your vehicle against harsh outside conditions, preserves vehicles paint by ensuring safety from dents and dust, fit your vehicle with style and precision, machine washable.
  • This is the reason that Antennas are placed in even each and every commercial vehicles and taxis. To give protection to it from dust, dirt, water and another extraordinary, you will need to have a car body cover with an antenna pocket to give it an optimum level of protection. This car body cover has a separate antenna pocket to make it intact, secure and away from a wide variety of damages.
  • This premium quality car body cover may be a heat resistant. All over summer season over the top heat caused because of intense sunrays can damage your car’s paint and may additionally cause fire. Thus, you will need to To give protection to your car from over the top heat by the usage of prime quality heat resistant car body cover.
  • This car body cover helps to keep the temperature in regulate and Offer protection to your car’s exterior in addition to interior from over the top heat. Ultimate Durable UV/Sun protection To give protection to your interior and paint.

【COMPATIBLE COVER】:Full Size Car Cover for Datsun Go Plus It covers your Car FRONT to BACK (bumper) as it should be. Fabric used is very Soft and feel like feather, helps to steer clear of scratches as well dust on your Car. Best suited for the HATCHBACK CARS To ensure, please check the size (car model) before ordering.
BETTER COVER MATERIAL (FABRIC)】: Car cover comes with fresh fabric which is made of polyester material to prevent damage to the car from your pet and bird poops as well dust and snow and let your car to be go any environment dust free and it comes with triple stitch that provide good durability and long lasting which makes your car cover more strong.
【WEATHER RESISTANCE】: Offer protection to your car from ultraviolet rays, moisture, dust, dirt, scratches, snow frosting, corrosion (rust free), prevent defoliation, storm (heavy wind) and high temperature.
【WINDPROOF ROPE】: The original fixed section rope is fragile, To solve this problem, we adopted a strong windproof rope on cover it stuck on your car wheels after that it’s not blowing off from your car and Offer protection to your car on harsh air condition and reinforced the sewing part. After the improvement our customer don’t wish to consider car cover.

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