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Velvex SuperKool is a 1:3 Pay attention according to Glycol OAT Technology. 1:3 reflects one section of Coolant with 3 Equivalent Parts of Water. Supplies bother free coverage in all weather prerequisites around the year. DIRECTIONS TO USE: 1. Open radiator cap when Engine Cool 2. Use 1 a part of Pay attention coolant and 3 portions of water 3. Observe strictly Vehicle manufacturer tips for amendment interval of coolant within the Radiator 4. Ensure that cooling system is blank and does now not have any leakage RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Really useful to make use of Pay attention coolant in all varieties of radiators of Vehicles

Glycol primarily based OAT Technology
Effective Cooling in hot operative condition
Liquid Incorporates 1L
Seal compatibility (Less aggressive to rubber & plastics)
More secure to setting (Absence of destructive chemicals)
Very best before 24 Months from the date of Manufacturing
Exhausting water stability as a result of absence of Silicates and phosphate