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1. This sticker is made of carbon fiber reflective material, the use of diamond-grade luminous material, with strong luminous effect, firmness and no degumming, and no damage to the body paint.

2. This reflective sticker uses micro prism technology, high reflective brightness, can Reinforce the night reflective effect.

3.3D material, the surface is made with resin glue technology, which makes the reflective sticker firmer and more textured.

4. Unique design, with rounded edge design, is not going to scratch your fingers, and the arc is beautiful.


Material: Carbon fiber and epoxy material.

Size: 15cm*5cm (5.19 inches*2 inches).

Color: Red.

Application: Car exterior decoration, highly in step with the fender.


– When the use of:

Do not wax the car one week before the use of the sticker. The wax will make the sticker not sticky.

Do not use sticker when the car is hot.

Do not wash your car within one week after filming. It’s best to not expose it to exposure within 24 hours.

Don’t paste it on rainy days, it’ll have an effect on the effect.

When clearing:

Gently scrape the edges of the sticker together with your fingernails and tear it off. Within the winter, the sticker can also be properly heated by a hair dryer, and it may be easily got rid of after being softened.


1. Because of manual measurement, please allow a deviation of 1-3 mm.

2. All through photographing, there is also slight color difference Because of other factors such as light and environment.

Strong Reflective – This reflective sticker is made of diamond grade reflective carbon fiber material and epoxy material, with enhanced thickness, giving you a 3D effect, waterproof, durable, high viscosity, strong and won’t degummed, and it may be used all day.
Good Reflection Effect – This reflective sticker uses micro prism technology, high reflective brightness, can reflect any light source, it is sort of a “luminous body”, and emits a strong reflective effect, which can Reinforce the night reflective effect.
Reinforce Safety – The lights of vehicles at night can make these stickers more clearly visible at the hours of darkness, and the target can also be found 300 meters away, and drivers of approaching vehicles can also be warned and more vigilant. Greatly offer protection to your night shuttle.
Individual Decoration – This reflective sticker is highly in step with the fender. It adopts rounded edge design, beautiful arc, giving people a type of generous and practical feeling. Not only are you able to add compact decoration in your car All through the day, but it may also reflect strongly at night to verify driving safety, as a way to go out more optimistically at night
Easy installation: Discover a suitable position for the car, clean the surface of the car body before installation, the bottom of the car sticker is self-adhesive, tear off the bottom protective film and stick it on. 6pcs reflective car stickers, every size is about 15cm* 5cm (5.19 inches* 2 inches)

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