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Things turn out to be easier with technology and even better if they uncomplicate our needs. A not so noticeable but very evident need being bluetooth smart! We, being from a transitional century, have devices that are either out of date or are the recent in the line. Personalising the technology that we consume, not only efficiently upgrades our way of life but also helps in maintaining the run of our devices. And if you wish to have this kind of gadget that makes watching TV a personal experience, or turning your car stereo into a bluetooth controlled device, then Auto 18 is rightfully your pitstop! And at the brighter side, You’ll turn any of your input devices into a bluetooth smart device. Auto 18 comes enhanced with the recent bluetooth technology, 5.1 which ensures that both the source and connecting devices are paired up! With its dual modes, transmission and receiver You’ll make the most productive use of it! With this gadget You’ll make use of even a non bluetooth device. It emits audio that may be just as precise as the original source. This makes it even better for more than one purposes. With its built-in mic, You’ll go hands free to make and receive calls! But even so it has a detachable connector, AUX In/Out to expand on its connectivity perks. As for the way to charge up Auto 18, there’s a handful benefit of it having a Type C charging port for an extensive ease of charging! Get ahead with the right technological aide, Auto 18, for a smarter way of life!

[NEED TO WATCH SHOWS ON TV WITHOUT BOTHERING ANYONE] : We will surely make things easier for you, in case you hate missing out on that coveted late night cricket match telecast, without disturbing somebody around! Auto 18 offers you the freedom to transmit, receive and even turn a non bluetooth into a bluetooth empowered device!
[BLUETOOTH 5.1 FOR SEAMLESS CONNECTION] : Make through and cruise with bluetooth enability with just as many modes as needed. Its 5.1 version ensures a wide scope of compatibility across several source and output devices!
[DUAL MODES, TRANSMISSION AND RECEIVER] : In case you wish to have to transmit audio through Auto 18 just turn the towards TX mode and in case you wish to have to receive audio through your devices likewise, turn the RX mode on! You’re going to just have the most productive either way!
[PRISTINE SOUND QUALITY] : Can a bridge device ever replicate the original quality? Well, on the subject of Auto 18 it’s not a remote possibility and so the audio output is just powerful! You’ll depend on Auto 18 for a similar!
[HANDS FREE CALLING (IN-BUILT MIC)] : Take and make calls without even having to hold up your smartphone for any duration. Best works even as travelling in a car as You’ll turn your system stereo handsfree and drive safely even as staying connected through calls!
[AUX IN/OUT] : Auxiliary function can also be complicated for a set of different functions, but you probably have a wired headset then Auto 18 is a boon! And not just that You’ll play music through the gadget so principally it works well for all imaginable audio devices!
[DETACHABLE CONNECTOR] : With a detachable connector, You’ll ensure the longevity of Auto 18. In this particular case, tugging is a major cause of damage, as happens with many similar gadgets! Just plug in and plug out as and when you wish to have!
[TYPE-C CHARGING] : Stay ahead with up to date technology, and Type C charging surely gives an edge over typical constraints of traditional charging ports! A faster charging for an even better runtime, Auto 18 is your pitstop!



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