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Eliminate stubborn stains- It cleans the bikeâ€s metallic surface and causes stubborn stains to disappear with out leaving a trace. Additionally, it does not have an effect on the paintÂ
Less effort- You’ll be able to simply Eliminate the dirt and provides instant shine to the metallic surface of the bikes and scooters with minimum efforts. This makes it different from every other polish
Instant – It eliminates the minor oxidized layer and different scratches from the skin very quickly. It’s the Final Motorbike shiner when in a rush
Pidilite promise- The manufacturer of Motomax Motorbike Liquid Polish, the Pidilite industries is likely one of the such a lot recognized industries in delivering the highest qualities of hardware and paint merchandise
Eco-Friendly- The Motomax Motorbike polish is completely eco-friendly and does now not result in any harm to the surroundings. It does now not contain any destructive solvent which will have an effect on the encompassing and our health


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