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Why we need TPMS?

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System, also known as TPMS, uses pressure monitoring sensors within Each and every tire to monitor specific pressure levels.
  • Combined with the solar power display, it lets driver get the true-time tire pressure data, temperature data and status, warning messages at once.
  • With the TPMS, we will keep the tyre working throughout the specified pressure and temperature range at any time to reduce the damage of the tyre for protected driving.

Why Make a choice LUCARIO TPMS?

  • LUCARIO TPMS provides real-time data display of 4 tires. Each and every sensor uses Infineon original chip. Its signal transmission is stable, the battery life is long, and the installation and operation are simple, escorting your driving safety.

Things you will have to know before use

1) Connect the sensor and monitor

  • We have matched your monitor with the sensors, you just want to press and hold “-” to turn at the monitor, and then install the sensors in step with the tire sequence, more user settings can watch our manual.

2) If there’s a puncture accident

  • TPMS could not steer clear of the puncture caused by sharp objects or damaged tires. Because TPMS can only monitor the air pressure and temperature over a time period, but can’t monitor instantaneous changes. So it’s only suitable for avoiding tire abnormalities caused by changes in air pressure or temperature, which take place slowly, not instantaneously.


  • Please do a comprehensive tire inspection for a minimum of one month and ask your tire technician to replace your faulty tire in time.

What will you get within the package?

  • 1 * Tire Pressure Monitor
  • 4 * External Sensor (Battery Included)
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 4 * Anti-lost nuts
  • 1 *

【Solar Charging & USB Charging】 LUCARIO Tire Pressure Monitoring system is equipped with high-quality and durable solar panels, which can extend the use time and lend a hand the driver center of attention on driving. We also set up a USB port to the TPMS. When there’s no sunlight,You’ll use the USB charging cable to keep TPMS working . The driver doesn’t want to worry about the continuity of the tire pressure monitor.
【6 Alarm Methods】TPMS provides 6 alarm methods (including rapid leak alarm, low and high pressure alarm, high temperature alarm, battery alarm and sensor failure alarm). You’ll freely set the pressure and temperature alarm values. (Factory settings: low pressure is 2.0 Bar, high pressure 7.5 Bar, high temperature is 75°C)
【Advanced TPMS System】 Adopting advanced smart chips to make data more accurate and timely, and to prevent emergencies in time; wireless sensing technology allows allows tire pressure and temperature data to be transmitted in real time, with strong received signals, no interference, and higher stability.
【One multi-purpose】LUCARIO Tire Pressure Monitor has high performance: along with saving fuel to your car and predicting air leakage, It could possibly also extend the service life of the tires, balance the tire pressure, make be sure your driving safety. IP67 waterproof and dustproof which allows your journey to be unimpeded.It could possibly work well in all different areas in any climate.
【4 High-precision External Sensors】Each and every sensor has a built-in Freescale chip, and uses aviation-grade aluminum material, so there’s no want to worry about corrosion of tire valves suitable for high pressure and high temperature. Sealed against dust, water and snow. Despite the fact that the sensor is small in size, it has high accuracy in sensing tire pressure (error range ≈ 2psi).