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Longer Engine Life & Oil Modification Interval: GoMechanic Mileage and its complicated formula bring longer life in your engine by protective the engine against damaging corrosive contaminants, grime and sludge. The anti-corrosive properties therefore make sure longer oil Modification intervals and longer lifetime of the engine.
Effective Lubrication: The engine oil comes with an optimal viscosity to offer optimum performance and effective lubrication during the engine and smoother operation along side 0 soot agglomeration and oil thickening.
Anti-foaming, Anti-sludge and Anti-corrosive Properties: Mileage Engine Oil comes with special anti-foaming, anti-sludge and anti-corrosion additives for a cleaner engine. The additives additionally offer protection to the engine from a lot of acidic contaminants and also are infused with added alkalines for higher protection.
Very good On-road Performance: The additives present within the automotive engine oil along side optimal thermal and oxidation co-environment friendly ensures all-weather performance and most power output and nil loss in horsepower.
Quality Certified and Compatible with All automobiles: The premium quality of Mileage automotive engine oil is compliant with the recent BS6 emission standards and meets quite a lot of API and JASO certifications and therefore have compatibility with top four-stroke engines.

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