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GFX Premium Microfibre is used for cleaning car bikes and applications, as an example in mops and cleaning cloths. Despite the fact that Microfibre cloth mops cost more than non-Microfiber cloth mops, they is also more cost effective because they last more and require less effort in the use of them in day by day life. Car lovers widely use microfiber cloth cars to perform a little difficult tasks such as cleaning the interior, cleaning glass, and drying. On account of their fine Microfiber fiber cloth which leaves no lint or dust, microfibre towels are used by car detailers and fanatics in a equivalent manner to leather. Some other good thing about Microfibre fiber cloth is that it may be covered with more than a few finishes or may also be treated with antibacterial chemicals. Fabric can be printed with a number of designs, embroidered with colored thread, or heat-friendly to create interesting looks. This product is constructed of 100% polyester. Microfibre cloth products have a high ability to soak up oil and water. Because of hydrogen bonding, Microfibre cloth incorporates polyamide absorbs and holds more water than other kinds of materials. GFX is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Microfibre. These are fabricated the use of the finest materials and advanced technology by our experienced and professional workers. GFX is a luxury accessory brand that offers the most efficient fit and attractive presence for your vehicle.

PERFECT MICROFIBER COTH FOR CAR CLEANING: This Cloth Is Perfect For Car Cleaning And Dusting. You Can Use this cloth For Interior Cleaning Like Dashboard, Car seat cleaner And Also For Exterior like Windshield glass cleaners, Vehicle Body Waxing, Polishing Drying and Paint Cleaning
ULTRA SOFT MATERIAL: Ultra soft and highly absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths, great for cleaning windows, kitchenware, car or other delicate surfaces.
REUSABLE & LONG LASTING: These microfiber towels feature good stitching with reinforced edges, they’re durable and made to last hundreds of washings.
LINT-FREE & SCRATCH-FREE: The car microfiber drying towels are soft and durable, not scratch cars paint and not leave scratches or lint on glass or mirrors. Made of non-abrasive and silk edging provide an extra layer of scratch-free protection.
WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash it before initial use is highly advisable to steer clear of fluffing, as the towels might by accident absorb some fluff when producing. But no wish to worry about the sort of problem after that.