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MAX EFFICIENCY – Cetane X is an impressive energy compound that improves the ignition high quality of fuel. It is helping the engine achieve complete compression, Deliver most power and Potency.
POWER – It maintains peak efficiency through reducing injector coking and internal injector deposits. It additionally lubricates rings and cylinders for longer engine lifestyles.
BOOST – It adds a lot wanted cleaners and lubricants to the diesel fuel and decreases wear through greater than 27% in unadditized diesel fuel.
RAISES CETANE RATING – Raises Cetane rating as much as 10 Numbers as result the Fuel burn more temporarily and more utterly. Smoother and quieter running engines, sooner engine begins will reinforce the fuel economy.
VERSATILE USAGE – Whether or not you drive a diesel automotive or perform a large rig, you’ll be able to depend on Cetane X for year-spherical engine efficiency improvement, bother-free winter operation and right kind fuel tank hygiene. (Compatible with all Diesel cars).

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