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👉 Lug nuts are one of the most such a lot vital hardware to your vehicle, We take great care in all of the process of the production of our wheel lug nuts, from design to manufacturing, to delivery of the product into our customers’ hands.


HARD ANODIZED TIPS, highly resistant to chip or rust, paint is not going to fall off easily, show quality shine.


👉 The rubber washing machine work for securely keeping the shaft in tight and making the ideas firmly installed, they are able to save you the ideas from falling.

👉 Simply to snap on, good seal ability, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, offer good tensile strength and strong torsional strength, Limit vibration well.


To make sure even distribution of the clamp load and uniform seating of the lug nut to the wheel, our standard for concentricity of the bearing surface to the pitch diameter meets.

Precision engineered threads allow for better engagement together with your vehicle’s wheel studs.


The tires are widened to make stronger grip, braking performance, and effectively make stronger the handling and driving pleasure of driving


Retrofitting a set is beautiful, fuel-efficient and reduces the risk of a tire blowout. After the wheel modification brings such a lot The advantage is that your car doesn’t have to get at the wheels as soon as possible


Due to the replaced weight, the rotational inertia of the four wheels is reduced, the acceleration of the automobile is improved, and the energy demand for braking is reasonably reduced, thereby reducing fuel consumption


Please check the specs / thread size of your vehicle stud pattern before purchase, ensure wheel studs are clean and tight.

🔩【FEATURE】The wheel lug nuts are highly resistant to chip or rust, neo-chrome-plated tips, the paint is not going to fall off easily. Package Includes:20 Pieces of Forged Aluminium Wheel Lug Nuts
🔩【FIT FOR】 Lugs Length: Approx. 60mm Spike Length: Approx. 30mm,total length 90mm, Only for wheels with studs M12x1.5
🔩【MAKE YOUR RIDE COOL】 The bright colour of the lug nuts looks in point of fact nice at the car and adds some style in your ride. The wheel lug nuts are highly resistant to chip or rust, hard anodized tips, paint is not going to fall off easily.
🔩【Our Lug Nuts are packaged conveniently】 It’s packed in a foam insert protecting lug nut all through shipping. Two pieces construction is more convenient than one piece design, you’ll be able to easily make a selection it with Spikes on or not.
🔩【NOTE】 This Lug Nut is made of aluminium alloy (NOT STEEL), We propose Manual Installation as an alternative of use a Jackhammer install since the jackhammer would possibly damage the Nuts.


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