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Blackstar’s Revolutionary Magnetic Mobile Holder . NOW NO MORE TRAFFIC CHALLANS DURING DRIVING , BECAUSE YOUR MOBILE IS NOT IN YOUR HAND , ITS HELD ON YOUR CAR’S DASHBOARD ( Watch Video for More Details ) . Its Made of Metal Body and Neodymium Magnets . Neodymium Magnets are World’s Strongest and Expensive Magnets and Do Not have any mistaken or unwell effect on Mobiles or Other Electronics Gadgets . Magnetic Holder is so Strong that your Mobile is not going to fall throughout Hardest / Toughest Bumps on Roads . Magnetic Mobile Holders’ Front Black Colored Area is if truth be told a Rubber Strip . This Rubber Strip has 2 Positive Effects :- 1) Whilst you stick your Mobile or Gadget on Magnetic Mobile Holder , Rubber Strip saves your Mobile or Gadget from getting any scratches . 2.) When your Mobile or Other Gadgets are stick on Magnetic Mobile Holder , Rubber Surface adds Extra Grip , in order that on every occasion there are any bumps at the road and car loses balance , your Mobile Phone or Gadget is stick perfectly at the Magnetic Holder and doesn’t Fall. You’ll use this Magnetic Mobile Holder anywhere :- On Walls , In Car , On Bike / Scooter , Cycles / Workplace Desk , Practically Anywhere wherever you wish to have your Mobile Hanging in the Air. Infact , Not only Mobile ,You’ll also Hold any of your Personal Belongings like Purse / Wallet , Keys , Airpods , Headphones or any thing on the planet ( no matter its plastic or metal ) , if you wish to have that thing to be Hanging in Air in your car , bike/scooter or on your wall ,You’ll stick it on Magnetic Holder ….. Easily . ITS A TOTAL REVOLUTIONARY GADGET .

Small & Stylish – looks like a Piece of Luxury on Your Car’s Dashboard ( Other Mobile Holders Are Old Style , Big & Bulky ) – World is Getting Up to date and You Will have to Also Make a selection Up to date Mobile Holder
SINGLE TOUCH OPERATION To Take away Mobile or Put Mobile Back on Mobile Holder ( Other Kinds of Mobile Holders have 2 Steps to Take away and Put Back Mobile on Mobile Holders )
Your Mobile At the same time as Not Move a Single Inch Despite the fact that you Drive at 150kmph and All of sudden Heavy Bumps Come on Road Because Mobile Holder has World’s Strongest Magnets ( Neodymium N52 ) , But They Do Not Harm Your Mobile or Tablets in Any Way ( Tested )
Compact Size ( May also be installed easily in All Cars of All Brands ) … May also be installed in Bike / Scooter , Wall , Tables and so forth. Practically Anywhere
Its A Be sure that Everyone Will Ask You ” What is This ” After Having a look at Your Mobile Holder , Because It Looks Like a Luxury Piece , Not a Mobile Holder
It’s THE PERFECT Mobile Holder . Once You buy this , you are going to never wish to seek for another Mobile Holder EVER . It’s the PERFECT SOLUTION .



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