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Unique product by Bhaicover Made with cutting edge sublimation printing technology, this polymer phone case by Bhaicover is in a position to withstanding a large number of intensive use without suffering up to a scratch. The one phone case for mobile model is intended specifically for and fits the size of this phone at the same time as leaving almost no space in between. Very colorful design is making the duvet visually impressive even from afar. Serious protection Regardless of a very thin profile and negligible weight, the case is much stronger than it looks to start with sight and Bhaicover bend or break even supposing you drop the telephone to the bottom. Technical perfection Technical quality of case is off the charts, at the same time as all over the world delivery is lighting fast. Printing comes with a one-year warranty.

OUT OF THE BOX DESIGNS & VIBRANT PRINT : Our collection is made by keeping in mind the wealthy culture and trends of our country. Designs & durability of the fabric is top notch with high definition print quality which complements the full appearance. Pick it lately and never be apologetic about.
PREMIUM QUALITY : 3D printed top quality mobile back cases,printed with high-end Korean Ink Technology.Covers are made with top quality premium hard Polycarbonate (plastic) material with fully matte finish for upgraded style and durability.Also They’re very light weight and slim that completely fits your phone.
ACCURATE FITTING : cover perfectly fits your phone.These cases are made with high precision moulds covering sides and corners properly with highly accurate cut-outs for all ports and buttons.
LIFE TIME WARRANTY : provides lifetime warranty for the print quality.In case any of your products gets fade away with time,we can provide you a new cases and not using a question asked.Please note that this warranty is only for colors, and not for rough usage, scratches or any roughly breakage
BEST SUITED AS A GIFT : cases are very best suited as a gift item in your friends,members of the family or colleagues .They’re highly accurate and so vibrant which makes them certainly one of very best gift to your family members.

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