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Auto Hub Microfiber car cleaning cloth designed with premium ultra-thick 600 GSM double-layer plush microfiber, which might be super softer and ultra-absorbent than other towels. The soft microfiber used on this cloth is super absorbent and made to trap dirt, grime, and other particles. Absorbs water more & faster and dries faster than cotton, Secure for all hard surfaces. This microfiber cleaning cloth is Secure for all finishes and surfaces! Cleans fine automobile finishes, glass, stone, tv & other delicate surfaces without being worried or leaving messy streaks in the back of. The offered microfiber cleaning cloth holds As much as 8 times their weight in water, making it great for wet washing without or with cleaning products. Use then dry to dust, polish, or buff as per the precise application needs. Product can be utilized om any surface. It’s such a lot durable and can be utilized used more than one times.

800 GSM- SUPER THICK CAR CLOTH: High density, Thick lint, very soft and does no longer damage a paint of The automobile. Strong water absorption, a piece of material can take in As much as 10 times their very own weight of water, greatly reducing the drying time
LINT-FREE & SCRATCH-FREE: The automobile microfiber drying towels are soft and durable, no longer scratch cars paint and no longer leave scratches or lint on glass or mirrors. Fabricated from non-abrasive and silk edging provide an extra layer of scratch-free protection.
SUPER STRONG WATER ABSORPTION: As much as 800gsm density, the microfiber cleaning cloth is not just super soft and incredibly water absorption capacity but in addition dries quickly. No lint, antipilling, no fading after washing. Mechanically cleanable.
Ideal for General Household ULTI-PURPOSE USE & REUSABLE: PrimAlite Ultra-thick car cleaning towels are absolute premium product for Washing, Drying, Polishing, Detailing and Waxing, Cleaning the Glass, Furniture, Floor, windows, glasses, mirrors, dishes and other household wares, without being worried about scratch your car, motorcycle paints or other surfaces.leaning, Vehicles Cleaning, Commercial Use.
Washing Instructions: 1. Wash it before initial use is very really helpful to steer clear of fluffing, as the towels would possibly unintentionally take in some fluff when producing. But no wish to worry about such problem after that. 2. Do not use any fabric softener when washing. Hand-wash and machine-wash both are adequate.

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