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We know that your car way so much to you and its more than only a vehicle, it is usually a loved one and companion! AmbiPur Car Fresheners are designed to provide you with a relaxing drive revel in even on bumpy Indian Roads. These Car freshener merchandise include Odor Transparent Technology that doesn’t mask odors but in reality removes them. Our olfactory senses when exposed to soothing fragrances will have a calming and calming effect. so, all you want is to respire… breathe proud of AmbiPur!

Use the Ambi Pur refill at the Ambi Pur starter device
Ambi Pur car freshener actually removes odours as a substitute of masking them
Its patented odour Transparent technology traps malodorous particles within the air and leave at the back of a pleasing and refreshing scent
Every refill lasts upto 60 days
Comes with adjustable fragrance level so you’ll be able to slide from level 1 to 5 basis your mood
Create an uplifting, relaxing ambience to your car with the mildly powered fragrance reworking each and every drive into a relaxing revel in.
Escape nose-blindness and care for the lingering, forgotten malodours to your car with Odour Transparent capture-block-conversion technology

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