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CARRKEN Minimalist card holder, and front pocket designs drive our collection. Nobody likes sitting on their wallet…it is just not comfortable. Our designs are slim, up to date, and almost disappear to your pocket. Carrken all feature RFID blocking wallet technology to supply you peace of mind. Offer protection to your personal & financial information from electronic pickpockets. Our card holder make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or graduations Which Card Blocr minimalist wallet is best for you? PULL TAB – Smoothly raises your most used credit card. Makes a super trip wallet giving you peace of mind about identity theft predators in another country. At just 4.12″ x 2.88″ x 0.25″ (10.5cm x 7.3cm x 0.65cm) these are ultra slim and so light you almost overlook they’re to your pocket. RFID BLOCKING – 100% RFID blocking technology to prevent RFID scanning thieves & electronic pick pockets from having access to your personal financial information. MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Give the gift of security with great function and design. Front pocket prevent pickpockets & back problems too! Keep Yourself Secure… Don’t be a victim of electronic pick pockets! New bank cards with signal emitting chips for touchless pay systems are opportunities for electronic pickpockets. Whether traveling in another country or visiting your local mall, putting yourself in a big crowd without RFID protection is exposing yourself. The scanners electronic pick pockets use are small, discrete, & easily concealable. They only wish to pass within a couple of feet of you to get entry to your financial & personal information. Card Blocrs offer the entire protection your need at .

CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD HOLDER – This card case could also be small, but it surely holds 10-14 in credit card sleeve, and 1-2 more cards in every of the internal pockets of this slim, mini, trifold. Feels more like a bifold card holder
BEST MINIMALIST FRONT POCKET DESIGN – soft & supple leather, minimalist design. Fits great in front and may not bend as a result of the internal metal card holder design.
RFID CARD HOLDER – Best RFID blocking technology to prevent RFID scanning thieves and electronic pick pockets from having access to your personal financial information & identity. Metal credit card sleeve blocks 100% of RFID scanners
ONE CLICK ACTION – Trigger action & bank cards slide up cascading but are held securely in the sleeve. Quick, easy get entry to in your most essential cards & ID. card holder for women and men so no more digging through the purse.
MEN & WOMEN LOVE IT – Keep your bank cards and ID organized and Secure to your front pocket, purse, grab, or bag. No more digging through your holder to find the card you were searching for. Great for traveling also to supply extra security and peace of mind.

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