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  • ABRO PUF-750 Multipurpose Expandable PU Foam Insulation Sealant Spray for Window, Tile, Door & AC Gaps (750ml)
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MULTIPURPOSE EXPANDABLE SEALANT: ABRO All Climate PU Foam Insulation Sealant is polyurethane-based totally & moisture-cured filling and insulation subject material. Shape Issue : Paste
ALL PURPOSE PU FOAM: It’s perfect for sealing joints, cracks, gaps & holes in door, window, HVAC, roofing & pipes at the same time as offering superb bond to lumber, plywood, concrete
LOWER ENERGY COSTS: The introduced sealant completely fills, seals, and insulates gaps as much as 1 inch, decreasing your power expenses through keeping your warmth or air-con at the INSIDE!
INSULATOR & SOUNDPROOFING: This expandable sealant spray successfully improves thermal insulation in cooling methods & soundproofing application on reveal, partition walls, and automobile and boat cabins.
HOW TO USE: Shake the can 20-30 times. Cling the can with valve going through downwards, foam extrusion may also be managed as it should be through varying the drive through tilting the adapter.