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The 3M Microfibre fabric comes with distinctive options. It serves the aim of cleaning your car clean and making it dirt-free. Microfibre technology ensures that the dirt gets lifted and the paintwork does now not get scratched, leaving your car feeling perfectly clean. A novel, super-cushy, lint-free fabric that would possibly not scratch or streak subtle car/motorcycle surfaces , It’s ideal for painted/transparent lined surfaces, chrome, glass, dashboards and so forth to take away residues together with waxes, polishes, glazes and fingerprints , Temporarily entraps mud and sand from glass and paint surfaces

LINT FREE CLEANING – 3M Microfiber fabric that comprises distinctive absorbent microfiber technology for lint car free cleaning.
MULTI SURFACE CLEANING – Use on surfaces like paint, chrome, glass, metal, rubber, and plastic to for faster and streak free cleaning.
EFFECTIVE DUST REMOVAL – It’s an effective way to take away mud and debris from more than a few surfaces because this can be a cushy, non-scratching fabric which eliminates filmy residues of wax or polish simply
SUPERABSORBENT – The Cleaning fabric is lint-free and Ultra-absorbent it will possibly impulsively and effectively soak up liquids. The fiber, which is cushy yet strong and product of fine quality microfiber, would possibly not scratch or leave lint on any of your car Surfaces.


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